Going shopping – new vs secondhand

I could not remember the last time I went to shop new clothes for myself. I think it’s been 2 years already. I am lazy. I am very lazy when it comes to shopping and doing makeup. Sometimes I look at people and feel amazed at the way they dress and make up. I talk to myself, Ok one day I will change. But then, with two small kids now, I hardly ever have time to bath peacefully let alone to cover up my face damaged by those sleepless nights.

Market square in Loviisa

So I decide to shop online. I have been shopping secondhand stuff for the last years. Why? I do not wanna go to buy chelp stuff on sale, just to wear several times then throw them away. With the money I have I can only afford basic brands If buying new. If I buy secondhand, I have others done shopping for me and I can get better quality clothes. The risk is also low because a package of clothes is usually really cheap. I look carefully at the pictures and descriptions before buying. Often my purchases are up to my expectations. I can choose What I like and fit me and sell or give away the rest. This way I can have really good clothes. I know for many people they cannot stand wearing same clothes for a long time like me. I also know some people just have binging shopping that many clothes are hardly worn. In other words, they can look like new.

I also buy secondhand clothing for my kids. Children clothes in Finland are really expensive. But I am glad that here they have a strong secondhand culture. In my country, people are scared to think of buying secondhand clothes for their kids from someone they do not know. There are worries about diseases and supertitions such as what if the kids who wore the clothes are cranky… I myself never bought any secondhand clothes back in Vietnam. Here I have however practiced budget living. I am grateful that I do get good used stuff from different people.

Few weeks ago, the day care teacher asked me to bring my daughter some gitku stuff to make her hair look cute. I am very bad at this. so I am happy to have someone who helps my daughter with that. I went to Lindex just to buy headband and… I was kind of shocked when going inside. Everything looks so new and nice on the eye. I realised I am out of touch with the fashion world for moms and kids. Really, my clothes were old and my daughter clothes also looked old compared to those with glitters and lastest prints. I tried to buy very fast and walked out quickly because I did not want to feel the guilt. My daughter did not ask for any kind of the clothes. She’s always happy in what I bought for her as long as they are pink and cute in her eyes. So I was fine after we left the shop 🙂

So my point is shopping is dangerous, very dangerous. It is costly and simelyys dangerous. It causes you to feel bad and makes your wallet look bad :). I only go when I cannot find something similar bup cheaper online. Fashion trends always come and go. Who knows what’s next. Plus I am not so good when it comes to choosing clothes and I am fine with buying lots and lots of secondhand clothes to choose from.

I shop on tori.fi most of the time. It’s a very nice marketplace with nice sellers and buyers. I have met many people and gone to many places in the last two years while going to pick up clothes and other stuff. I enjoy having the chance to meet different people that way. I also go to Fida and Uff when I do not have anything to do. Facebook shopping is not my thing, but I could sell quite many children clothes on Fb groups :p.

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