How to have a better life with kids

Raiding kids is the hardest thing ever. We have to give up so much of our freedom and when it comes to relaxation at home, it becomes almost impossible. The number one reason is mess. You have kids running around with all kinds of toy. You have foods littering around the kitchen. You have dishes in the sink. They are so many that you just simply give up and tell yourself: that’s life with kids, accept it.

But no, you can’t. You feel tired all the time. Wanna sit on the sofa, but the living room is in such a horrible mess. You go to the kitchen to have some tea. No, wife is nursing the little one and you come home so late today, now all you wanna do is resting. You’re so frustrated that you cannot do anything at home, even relax. You just wish to have a neat home. It doesn’t need to be a shiny and beautiful home, but neat and clean.

If you are in the same situation with us, I think we have some simple tips to help. They prove to having enuancing our life a lot since the last month and I am excited to share. Maybe for many these tips are second nature to them. For us, it took lots of time to come up with and actually follow them.

Keep the kitchen tidy

I had a very bad habit when cooking. I often use a lot of utensils and kitchen wares, but never washed them or at least put them into the dish washer right away after use. Another bad one, which actually led to the first bad habit, was I did not take dishes out the dish washer before I started cooking. So now, I do these two things: putting things in the dish washer after cooking and taking things out after they are washed. So, usually after the kids go to bed, I come back to the kitchen to check everything is in order and press the button start to wash. My husband, because of this change (he was the one to initiate this move), is always happy to help when I am busy with the kids. A tidy kitchen is good because after 9 pm, we can go there, having a cup of tea, learning Finnish and reading or discussing things together. Happy 🙂

Keep the living room tidy

My daughter goes to day care from 8 to 17, so she has about 3 hours in the living room before going to bed. Our little boy is there most of the time in the day if we are inside. So after they both go to bed, I will spend about 5-10 minutes putting all the toys into boxes. The next day they can start again, but I will ask them to not taking too much stuff out at once. This way, we have the living room clean and the view from the sofa is pleasant in the night.

Keeping the floor clean

Of course you have to vacuum it often. For me, if you vacuum often, it takes only 5 minutes when the kids are in the balcony or playing in there room. The most important areas are the living room and the kitchen for me. I’ll do them twice or three times per week. We live in a small apartment 82 m2. An important thing to remind you is that kids often play with the sandbox before coming home, you need to check their shoes for stones and sand outside the door. That helps a lot to save time vacuuming the corridor. You may also wanna mop the floor right away.

Keeping the kids room tidy

There are toys all over the room certainly, but while they play before going to sleep, you can help them to put things into order. I usually ask my daughter to put her legos into boxs, soft toys on shelves and books on shelves. They are simple things that make a difference. I don’t expect they put things perfectly into where they should be, but try to gain them a habit of cleaning their own mess after playing.

Keeping our room tidy

The most important thing is always doing the bed. I mean after waking up, you should at least put pillows and blankets in where they should be. Then you can go to work with easy and come back home feeling relaxed on your bed.

I feel so much better after doing these simple things everyday. I always felt guilty, leaving our home messy and untidy before. It’s simply exhausted seeing things in chaos. I do not wanna return to that life any longer. These do not take much time. Just cut some of your social media time, then you will have a beater home to live with your lovely kids :).


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