Write something everyday – Black Friday

I have received daily posts from Seth Godin for several years. Everyday in the morning and evening I read something from him. It is like a habit. Sometimes I do not even understand what he means, but most of the time the posts are meaningful to me.

One day after reading his post, I felt so inspired that I decided to write something each day. It’s funny as I did that for two days and stopped. Now after reading his post about Black Friday, I remember my blog. It’s nice to have someone reminding me small little things everyday.

I went to school and UFF this afternoon. It’s Friday so UFF sell all secondhand clothes for 1€ each item. The small shop is so crowded. Normally even for secondhand, each item often costs about 4-5€ to 10€ for a sweatshirt. I bought quite a lot of stuff. I do not even know If I would wear them, but it was nice to help the store running out of space :). The profit then can go to children in Africa I hope.

Black Friday is not something so special in my mind. To all other sale seasons I do not care at all. I was surprised to hear a friend of mine saying that he would miss January sale in Finland because He’s going back to his country. In this sense, traditional stores still can survive as long as there are people buying clothes only after they try them on. But only in the sale seasons. I go to shops sometimes during the week and there are not many people inside. But when I surf through facebook secondhand groups and fleamarkets, the atmosphere is different. Lots of people are doing their shopping that way.

People, especially women, buy lots of clothes that they would never use. Companies produced mass clothes of bad quality and designs. People buy them online and never wear them out. Uncontrolled production and gaining profits at all costs are causing so much waste and environmental problems for our globe.

On this Black Friday, my message is: do you have enough? Why do you celebrate Thanksgiving day and then waste money on unnecessary things on Black Friday. What If Black friday turns into Giving Friday? That would be wonderful. We could bring what we could give to people in need!

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