About Me


I´m Anna. I´m a Vietnamese expat mom to two lovely kids and a student of business. I came here in 2010 to study a Master´s degree in Turku – a beautiful and the old capital city of Finland. From there, you can take a ferry to Stockholm and Tallin, just like here in Helsinki. I met my husband here also.

I travelled around for a year for exchange studies from Copenhagen, Denmark to Seoul Korea. Back to Vietnam for a while before coming back to Finland to have a family. It was such a great time of my life. I have met wonderful people in Finland and other countries.

I always miss my younger self when there were no dependents and much worry. But I love my life now as I have more responsibilities, taking care of my family, doing research, and looking for opportunities to give back. So, here I am after 7 years settled down in Espoo – a town in the bigger metropolitian area of Finland.

I will write a lot about living in Finland here, but in short it is a great country for family and children. I am grateful for what this country has offered me and my family. One note about the weather: it is terribly depressing in the winter, but summer is wonderful.

If you are wondering about an expat family life in Finland, you may have come to a right place. I hope you will be enjoying reading our stories as you enjoy each season of your life.

Thank you and welcome my four seasons.

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